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    Take it off. Seen too many guys lose it.

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    Got mine tattood on. Not for everyone I know.

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    Congratulations!! I have a vintage wedding ring and dread the idea of losing it. I bought a little cheap silver ring with dolphins on it and use that when I surf or travel. It works just fine and my husband appreciates it since it keeps the surfer dudes from hitting on me and protects the vintage ring from the elements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBrown View Post
    Got mine tattood on. Not for everyone I know.
    When the time comes.....that's what I will do too. Much respect to you!

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    This winter I gave my ring to my wife to hold on to. She put it in her sweatshirt pocket, forgot to zip it shut and lost it!!! (I'm on a budget and I thought the ring was not cheap)
    So far I haven't bought a new one but when I do I'll put it on my keyring when I surf.

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    Have not taken it off in 36 years. The the size of my knuckle on my ring finger seems to keep it on. If I did take it off, then I'd be sure to lose it. I have wondered about the silver flashing when the blues are running but never had a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    He he, I put my ring on at the wedding and my wife found it on the side of the bed shortly after. I hate jewelry and especially the feeling of a ring. I told her I couldn't stand the feeling and wouldn't wear it so she put it in her jewelry box and it sits there still after 18 years.

    The ring will come off in the water no matter how well it fits, that's why all the guys with metal detectors are finding rings on the beach. Take it off unless you want to loose it.
    I wear two rings and neither come off in the water. Most of the time and especially in warm water, there is ZERO chance to get the rings off. In fact, I have to nearly freeze my hand and use soap to get the rings off. If you can take the ring on and off easily, do not wear it surfing, not the case for me.

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    Man, a thread about friggin wedding rings. Oy vey........

    First of all, married people are gay. Sissies. Real tough guys are lone wolfs, prowling the forests, and sniffing for bacon. Do you really want to watch some broad defecate everyday? I don't like guys who get married and have kids and then all they do is whine about how busy they are. Well, you should have stayed a wolf........."Oh my God, I'm so busy, I have my job, wife and kids....Ohhh I'm so busy." SHUT THE TRUCK UP !!!!! Please just shut up.....

    Please people stop having kids.....PLEASE !!!!! There are way too many people on this planet and each generation is more retarded than the previous. The Georgia Guidestones say there should be 300 million people on more, no less. All the Rosacrucians in the house say, " HOOOO." So, please stop having kids. Kids are gross, dudes.
    Yeah, another person you can watch defecate everyday. Doesn't feces bother any of you people !!??!! Man, you gotta, like, teach the kid how to defecate.......that is vile......... human vileness, dudes.......

    One night many moons ago, I was at a TGI Fridays getting drunk. Flea was just about to make a Camden run and all was looking good. I went to the bathroom to urinate. I get in there, and some dude is in the stall with his kid, remarking about how much "poop" this kid released......and other stuff. I WAS APPALLED....HORRIFIED........I wanted to vomit. This, this is what you people want to go through. Hanging out in an eatery's restroom remarking on the quantity of excrement your kid has released? REALLY ?

    Oh man then you gotta ask if you can go surfing on weekends, and the chick's yapping about this and that, your kids got snot running down his face............then you gotta work to support these monsters. What are you dudes doing??? Have you lost your minds?


    Dudes, tell your bims to hit the road.......sell your kids........and sell those rings. Do you know how much ready rock you can get for some of those rings? Good lord everyone thinks you have to follow some set human pattern of existence. NO YOU DON'T..........

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    My wedding ring is made of Paladium (was told by jeweler that jaws of life would be needed if it needed to be cut off my finger). After that I decided to size it up by a tad. The issue is that with a small amount of effort it comes off, doesn't slip off when dry. But when wet it can slide off.

    My conversation w/ the wife was: 1) I don't want to lose it when surfing. 2) I don't want to have to worry about losing it when surfing. She was very understanding and equated it to her taking off her rings when she cleans around the house. Try the first tact then slide into the 2nd if she doesn't buy it. Another scenario when my ring comes off is weight training. Anybody who has lifted moderately heavy weights will probably agree that you pinch the F out of your finger if you leave your ring on (man or woman). Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthSeawallWill View Post
    Man, a thread about friggin wedding rings. Oy vey........
    I LOL'd at your whole post man. Very well thought out and the part about the Dad & kid @ TGIF's was pure gold!