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    Carver bike racks

    Anyone have any experience with these things?

    My buddy has one and swears by it - it is the Max model and purports to hold boards up to 10ft. in length. I know they're endorsed by G. Mac and Jon Jon, as well as some other top pros, but that doesn't necessarily speak to the quality/safety of these things.

    I live really close to the beach, so being able to toss one of these on my cruiser and cruise up to the beach would be ideal, especially with the summer crowds the way they are.

    Wondering mostly about the safety of the board. Will these things fall off while riding, leaving my board surfing down the street? Also, can you put the board in a bag then attach - this may ease my mind a little!

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    ive tried bike racks... they suck.
    my worst experience was whenever there was any direction wind.. this thing became a sail on my bike and it would push me around and throw me off balance... now i skateboard everywhere