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    I tend to ride different stuff frequently keeps things interesting. Plus I have a beater or two I ride in shorebreak when I get bored.

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    Oct 2009
    9'10 step deck

    9'6 NR2

    6'2 Quad

    6'8 single fin

    I use them all

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    Tinton Falls
    6'1 quad

    6'6 fish



    1 sponge

    mask,snorkle,and fins when its flat

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    depends where you surf. if you surf 1 ft. anke biters everyday, a semi gun or regular shortboard is gonna be pointless

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    Seattle, WA

    Why not?

    I really don't think you "need" a big quiver on the East Coast. Generally, you have hollow bigger waves, clean middle waves, mushy middle waves, and little waves. I could easily get by with just my 6'4'' round pin, and 6'0'' squash. For me personally, it's fun to change it up and ride a thick single fin every now and again. I just took out my latest acquisition yesterday evening- 6'2'' single fin (circa 78?) and had a blast getting pitched but finally cruising on some longer waves and even getting a little nose ride in. You gotta keep it fun, why else are we out there? I also have a 6'9'' pintail that I brought home from HI, haven't waxed it since. Additionally, I picked up a "used" (brand new) 7'8'' gun that has never been ridden. Sure looks great in the garage though. :P

    The biggest thing to avoid in surfing is doing the same thing on the same board on every wave. It conditions your body to keep doing that, thus preventing you from throwing a new turn. This makes the whole experience boring. Surfing is exciting because each wave is a whole new experience, different (at least slightly) from any other one you've ridden. For me, riding different kinds of boards gives me a fresher approach to the waves, especially if the variety isn't there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    4 boards get most of the action.

    big wave board (used the least, sadly)

    Everything else gets broken out only on occasion, and usually only if there's been a good stretch of waves and I'm in the mood for "something different."

    So no... I don't agree with the "pros" (and wannabe pros) who say quivers are not overrated.
    So.....4 boards aren't a quiver?

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    I buy way too many boards but I love to try new shapes. Started trying to reduce the quiver. I seem to use the same 3 boards the most:
    8'0 Ricky Carroll quad hp mini-log eps/epoxy
    6'10 Walden Magic Fish/Quad eps/epoxy
    6'6 Joe Bauguess mini-simmons twin eps/epoxy

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    Carolina Beach
    a quiver would be great to have if you travel a lot and get to surf different styles of breaks (reef, sandbar, points, etc.) then i can see it being necessary, but for the majority of the east coast its not necessary at all its more of a luxury and a lot of the boards probably dont get used very much.

    most people swear that you have to have a longboard in your quiver for the east coast, but in my opinion any day thats good enough to ride a longboard you can ride a fish or other fat small wave board and have just as much fun. i currently have:

    6' swallowtail (gets the most use, great on small days)
    5'9" Merrick Flyer (also good on smaller days and when it gets big)
    6'1" standard shortboard (doesnt really get used, sometimes when its big)

    i used to have a 9' log but recently sold it cause I rarely used it after i got more into riding shortboards

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    i totally missed this thread, but it's funny b/c i've recently started paring down my quiver to what i use most. there was a point when i was up to about 10 boards or so, now i'm down to about 5 or so that all get used at every opportunity:

    5'9" wynn channel bottom twin w/ trailer
    5'10" wynn bonzer stubby (probably going to get sold)
    6'0" wynn bonzer egg (my 90% board)
    6'0" jamie kelly alia (on loan from the man himself)
    6'4" ci fort knox (if we got should-head high surf every day, this would be my go-to board)
    6'6" wynn bonzer
    9'6" wynn log
    size large original duckfeet fins

    i think that having a longboard is essential to every surfer, unless they live in indo or something...it's just so vastly different from what most people ride that it forces you to slow down & really look at how you surf...it smooths your style out, too, which i think is great...having a good style has been lost in modern surfing, i think.
    quivers are great if you're into that idea & can afford them, but not necessary. i just happen to really like the idea of throwing a couple different boards in the back of the jeep & going to a spot & just switching off & on all day...toss the 5'9", the 6'0", the 6'4", & the fins in the back & you've got a wide array of boards that surf completely different from each other. it's fun, & that's what surfing's all about.

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    MD / DE
    6'10" Chris Birch Quad
    8'o" In The Eye Thruster
    9'6" Driftwood Longboard