I've heard mixed opinions about these.
- Are they easy to get up on and ride or do you need to be a pretty good surfer to get to your feet & balance on these little boards (like a retrofish/shortboard)?
- Are they easy to paddle, or will they tire you out like a newbie trying to shortboard?
- Do they really catch knee to thigh high waves similiar to a longboard?
- Can you easily take the fin(s) on and off (needs to be finless for the lifeguarded zones). I'm sure its really skatey and challenging without the fin though.

A guy at one of the local surf shop yesterday told me not to waste my money on them because they are too hard to ride (he only knows of 2 guys whom have gotten to their feet and ridden a wave on them. Only really good for bodyboarding. Any other opinions?

I have a 7'2'' funboard but I only surf a few times a year and my skills/lack of paddle stamina limit when I can surf (small window of about thigh high to chest high) It seems like for $150 it would be better for my situation (if a Beater catches small waves easily) than investing in a $500+ on a used longboard that only gets in the water a few times a year.