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    Chris says thread closed...oh wait...another beer first...off to the Banks next week so Mr Tropics bring me some drainers.

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    this month has had a couple of decent days.

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    ECboarder thinks friend is over-exaggerating
    I managed to have the best day all year yesterday in OBX which made me think that August has been great so far (trunkin it was a huge factor and yes I have surfed every swell all year). It was glassy with shoulder to head high barrels peeling right next to the pier from 8 am to about 2. Occasionally there was an overhead set. It was only me and 6 friends and S**t was going off. I don't know about 6-8 ft. but I guess if you were at a perfect spot where the peak swell was coming in, maybe. Big surprise! Bless up!

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    Jimmy likes what he sees

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    Bo don't know what we know.