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    who hired you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kman View Post
    i don't put ne faith in magical "cane swellz"...most playcez on wrong island can't hold longer period sh$t, xcept turtlez and LB...and most timez it gits chaotic when it DUZ arrive, with sh$tloadz o current and lets face it thu wind RARELEEY goez offshore here! even if it DUZ, u haftuh deal with thu rite tide. i actually prefer windswell around here cuz it duzn't cloze owt az much. and i prefer l8 fall/winter cuz there'z less kooks/general surferz in thu water. lets face it, thu oddz uv scorin' good surf around here? better oddz winnin' thu lotto...don't live here 2 surf, but 2 make $$. once enuff $$ saved up, Cali here i come!
    Who can read this gibberish?

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    central li, topsail island nc
    kman is an assclown

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    wow what a bunch of whinny babys

    why dont you all stop complaining and maybe ull get ur swell.
    till then you have to sit tight and let the tropics stew to make us some happy people

    lets hope those Nor'easters start rolling around this winter

    besides the prime time hurricane season is in the fall months the later it gets the better the swells.

    last week we got that low from the east and that should of made anyone happy

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    i agree with kman
    cali is where its at

    but strongly disagree about his further water knowledge.
    if long beach and turtles are the only spots your thinking of then you have alot of exploring to do.
    i could name 15 spots that hold groundswell better then you can drop into a wave
    and thats on long island.

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    surfing > not surfing

    only an idiot complains about surfing. who cares if it's not thumping all the time, obviously you've got something worth keeping you here besides waves. if not, go explore... live in bali or california at least. if you've got no reason to be in ny/nj and don't travel it's your own fault.

    if i didn't have 2 kids & a mortgage i'd be on a sailboat somewhere in central america or the south pacific eating fish & guiding touristas.

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    LOLz...wrong island haz bin "good" 5 timez this year since January...if u ride knee-thigh garbage that's kookage...might az well just go in when it's flat and ride a kayak...

    this playce haz like a couple barz that are rideable. (ie. that don't break 5feet from thu beach)...seerius lack o swell/barz around here.

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    look at this 4cast and compare it with our crap wee've bin ridin' this yeer since january lolz...u get a good session like once/month here. there? once/day!

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    Talking wow kman the whinny 31tch

    why dont you just go surf pipeline
    hit the reef
    and then wash up and have the locals have was left of you
    we dont want you on long island no more
    if u dont like it
    then move.