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    Storm swell- thought this was funny

    Look at these guys trying to surf this totally disorganized onshore garbage today at an east facing break with gusts out of the NE at 35 knots. lmao They gave up after about 15 minutes and not catching any waves and left the water. Would you go? haha
    surfing-4.jpg surfing-7.jpg

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    how bout this

    i was on western LI and i scored solid long lines

    who cares about the gusty conditions

    as long as there is north in it and a bar to break
    we got ourselves a wave

    but now the high tide is messin it up

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    Was out in way worse than that Monday in North Jersey. Those pics are of a playful day nothing to get all up tight about if they were giving it a go on there beginner boards then good for them.

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    i surfed a wave that was perfect tubes for 80 yds easy when high tide came you could do 5-6 turns never mushed out and clean. best part is im not lying and youll never know where....hahahaha

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    its summer time, no need to hold out for perfection.

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    who cares

    Who cares if they aren't Slater & Irons...they went out & tried. Props to them.
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    On another positive note, Micah, it looks from your forecast like the boyz up north are going to get the best service from sweet Danielle. Montauk, Rockaway, Nantucket ... that light wind & the direction will help clean it up for them, yes?

    I should be getting on a plane for the north, not driving to VB on the parking lot known as I-95 this wknd...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Who cares if they aren't Slater & Irons...they went out & tried. Props to them.
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    I'm not ragging on them. I just thought it was funny. No matter what the conditions or weather that place is packed. I've seen literally 40 guys in the lineup when it gets descent and this is outside of summer and I'm not talking about an epic swell, just descent.