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Thread: Chicken Little

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    Chicken Little

    well,..Might want to update those Evacuation plans,.. at the very least. Cat. 3 or more would be fairly devastating,,,,,,,,,,,,,any//////////where!!??

    HOPE whatever the future holds,.. stays off the Eastcoast

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    this was random, but no kidding. on my block during hurricane ernesto before labor day weekend 2006 it took down a bunch of trees, and destroyed cars, and even damaged the roof of a house a block over that was brand new. that was a category 1. that was before i lived there though, but i did take a ride out to scope put the damage the next day when surfing manasquan inlet. i don't even think ernesto caused a state of emergency for jersey either, but maybe it did. regardless it didn't do as much damage in new jersey as it did down in virginia, or the carolinas. so yeah i am hoping they get just close enough to send us some swell.

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    i live on lbi. basically a giant sandbar. when the tide comes in, we flood, and when a hurricane comes in we basically drown. ****s gonna be hardcore

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    not really random,...as you can see. Possible Cat 5 intensity growth, and two more right after the first one....For those of us on the coastline, planning for worst case is the smart more. We love this time of year! ,,,,,,,,,,But not at the cost of lives or property.

    Have fun, stay safe, and be ready to buy plywood if necessary.