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    Screw Gov. Christie

    Front Gate ranger at the local State Park this morning told me and my buddy that "[They] got the call from Trenton this morning, no surfing allowed here. Don't even bother. Sorry." The guy told us to U-turn and find somewhere else. Well, long story short, we only found pounding close-outs with select shoulders and rights. Bullsh*t!

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    So you REALLY think Christie personally issued a no-surfing order???

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    Yes. He called IBSP and Sandy Hook and this was the conversation: "hey its Chris"
    State park ranger: "hey how's it going?"
    Christie: "over here in Trenton the waves are a bit rough I think we need to close the beach."
    State Park Ranger: "ok if Trenton is going off then you must really know how crazy it is, we'll close the beach."

    Thank you Gov. Buzzkillington

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    Shame on our rotund Governor. And to think, you called in a fake sick day at your job in state government only to get skunked!

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    thats not right i cant remember when thewre was no surfing in IBSP

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    Total B.S. Makes no sense. Have they ever been to Hawaii or California and seen the waves there? Make sure to write a letter complaining to the state parks and local representatives and tell all your surfer buddies to do the same. This is supposed to be a free country.
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    do you know if you're allowed to surf off the jetty in IBSP thats right next to the barnegat inlet on normal days? I was up by the inlet today and it looked like it was freaking firing on the other side

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    It was posted on the APP website last night that they would be closed today and tomorrow. Not sure if it ran in the actual paper.

    This isn't Hawaii or CA. It's an overcrowded state that doesn't normally get large waves, and we're leading into one of the biggest beach weekends of the year. I'm really not surprised. They're thinking liability.

    Especially when you have the weather channel Hype Machine talking about dangerous rips and evacuations in every third sentence 24 hours a day. I mean clearly there will be dangerous conditions, but man they absolutely go nuts on this stuff.

    Pretty sure the rangers would call you out if you try to go next to the jetty, or the fisherman would be casting lead at you. It doesn't actually break good there anyway.

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    In defense of the government, SOME people should stay out of the water when it is above their ability. I can't tell you how many rescues are launched by the Coast Guard and other rescue departments for idiots who go in way over their head - literally. Everytime we launch a rescue mission, $70,000 of tax paying money is spent, but more importantly, the lives of the rescue teams are put at jeopardy for someone's stupidity.

    In 2003 my unit responded to 3 a-holes who took a go-fast boat out of the inlet when a labor day storm was throwing 12-15 footers on the beach. They capsized and we launched. We had to pull these clowns from the water 50yrds from the beach, putting our boat in harms way of the dangerous surf. All because these guys were drunk and made a stupid move.

    On that note, I don't believe the government should hinder the right to access the water at any time, but it is a slippery slope, because if you get caught in a bind, someone somewhere is going to be putting their life on the line for you. Know your limits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkovo View Post

    Pretty sure the rangers would call you out if you try to go next to the jetty, or the fisherman would be casting lead at you. It doesn't actually break good there anyway.
    Actually I was just there on Tuesday, north side of that jetty was producing some beautiful tubes, but the break was right and you'd be committing suicide to try and surf those. They'd slam you right into the rocks. But that was Tuesday, mid-tide and incoming, well before the swell really started to build. I'd say they were easily head high while the rest of the beach was waist.