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My friend works at a sewage treatment facility and told me when we get storms and lots of rain is when they open the valves more to dump the excess sewage out. Thus leading to dirty foamy water ..take notice next time the foam color . That is why I left New Jersey for OBX. We don't have this senerio . Enjoy paddling through the yellow piss foam...hold your breathe
This is def happening to our oceans....

But even with the updates, controlling raw sewage runoff into the Anacostia River during heavy rains may remain an issue until at least 2018, say the District’s water and sewer authority and environmental advocates.

The long-standing problem: There isn’t enough space in combined sewage and stormwater pipes to effectively transport untreated runoff to the Blue Plains plant.

“When those pipes reach capacity, overflow valves flip over,” says Brent Bolin, director of advocacy for the Anacostia Watershed Society. “Essentially, raw sewage is discharged into the Anacostia River.”