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    some how I get Surfer and TWS for free I dont know how it happend but I am not gonna complain LOL. I also get ESM too which I like cause its a Eastcoast mag . But I like Surfer and this longboard mag called Glide. TWS is okay but just not for me

    Yeah wetsuit compainies give the features on there suits big name to make is sound like new cutting edge **** when they only modified a exhisting thing

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    yeah, i picked up the mag today.....mostly for the wetsuit guide because im still on the fence as far as what winter suit i want, but there seems like a few other good reads in there as well

  3. Matt,
    glide is a great mag def worth the wait for the content compared to advertisements which you get with other mags Ive also been picking up the the surfers path which has great enviro articles as well im gonna have to hit up barnes and nobles and do a lil free reading on that knost/tudor article and the shaping one just finished a class and ordered my blanks so im just staying stoked waiting on them to come

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    Surfer has been getting a little too political for me so I dropped it. I stick with TSW but mainly read ESM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    surfer has been getting a little too political for me so i dropped it. I stick with tsw but mainly read esm.
    esm rocks!

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    Anyone read Surfers Journal? That ****'s EXSPENSIVE

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    I got the new Surfer in the mail earlier this week. According to the cover it is "the most useful issue...EVER". I would have to say this is an overstatement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scypher View Post
    Anyone read Surfers Journal? That ****'s EXSPENSIVE
    TSJ is my fav. out of all the mags w/ surfer's path coming a semi-close 2nd. both offer great articles & don't cater to the bro-brahs of the surf industry. i really like the fact that TSJ does the portfolio feature every issue w/ a different photographer & their travel pieces have inspired more wanderlust in me than just about anything else.

    i only read -er, -ing, & tws b/c they're there at work & free or if i need a brainless beach read when i'm in hatteras. i'm pretty far outside their demographic in terms of age & reading level.

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    The Surfers Journal is hands down the best surfing magazine these days. It is rather pricey and I let my subscription lapse several years ago because it seemed like the magazine had become too SoCal-centric. I've been a long-time fan of Surfers Path and used to scoop up copies of interest when found before the magazine had distribution to the USA. Surfers Path has decent travel articles and feature sets - the latest Roxy Team trip to Indo doesn't do much for me (Surfer, Surfing...).