So, I was in the water in VB a couple weekends ago. I'm looking up & down the coast from about 46th Street. I did a rough count from the beach for as far as I could see.

Must have been 400 people in the water, counting surfers & spongers. Obviously more than that, since I uldn't see all the way down to 1st Street, Croatan & Sandbridge.

I surfed Cabarete & I used to think 30 people in the water at Playa Encuentro was crowded. That was 5 years ago. Encuentro gets maybe double that now on any given halfway decent day.

Got me to thinkin'...

Rapidly expanding American population.
More affluence.
More leisure time.

Any projections or numbers for your local beach in, say, 5 years....? Or, what people will do when faced with potentially Waikiki-like conditions at every break on the east coast ? 8 riders on every wave ? Lottery tickets to surf ? Or will pollution just stuff the whole water sport genre in 10 or 20 years?

"People....soylent green is people..."