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    P.L.A.A.N.T - Fall '10 - Limited Graphic Tees

    PLAANT (People looking at a newer today)

    Our mission is simple. The People Looking at a Newer Today want to promote original limited art and awareness through clothing the earth. We want our green initiatives and designs to promote conscious like minded individuals to never stop exploring the ever expanding ideas of today...because tomorrow is not promised.

    Our garments are designed by our co-founder David Bywater(www.byh2ographics.com) and should be looked upon as fine art pieces. They are only produced in small batches & never re-produced in the same color way. We only produce limited amounts of each tee and never print them again.

    We feel people are getting too little for too much in the clothing industry and the People Looking at a Newer Today are here to fill that void.

    If you like what you see, come check out the website www.PLAANT.net

    We did this one at the beginning of August for our homies The Floozies... you should download some free **** at www.flooziesduo.com. This duo of brothers is so fresh with their Jazz/funk/electro style!

    For the Ladies:

    Each tee is only produced 250 times & comes shipped to you in the coolest piece of green packaging ever. "The Life Box" is a cardboard innovation by "Planted Planted" productions that has over 70 different tree seeds embedded in the cardboard walls. We include growing directions in each box, but pretty much you can plant this cardboard in the ground and BAM....trees. Even if its tossed in the garbage it has a high likelihood of germinating sometime where the trash goes.

    All these are up on www.PLAANT.net
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    Hi friends, I am Liliglobe from Florida. I am new to this forum. I am here to share knowledge and experience. I love to discuss new ideas and innovative thoughts. Anyone interested?