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    wetsuit advice....again

    sorry everyone to put up yet another thread on wetsuits but it's my first season to try to tackle the cold waves and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these 5 suits. i kinda narrowed it down to these 5






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    id go with something a little thicker.

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    i'd go with a 5mm attached hood / front zipper

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    i'm not planning on surfing through the entire winter. once the mountains open, i'm planning on hanging up the surfboard and taking out the snowboard.....still the 5mm?

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    If ur looking to save money I am selling a pair of size 10 7mm boots and size medium 5mm gloves. Those would be perfect for you if the sizes are alright.
    And for wetsuit advice, by december you need a 5mm suit, and you still need a 5mm until around mid april or so. So if you are planning on surfing anywhere in that range, you should probably get a 5mm suit.

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    I'd go with the last one if you do buy a 4/3 as that one is sealed and taped seams, which is better than just sealed....but you would need a hood too, and 5mm gloves and booties, so I agree with the other opinions, you can't go wrong with a 5/4, comes with a hood.... they are a tad pricier but I am glad I got one!

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    Can't say enough about Xcel 5/4. It will take you through the entire winter. You will need it through April. Only a really good 4/3 will take care of you in April and you can get an Xcel 5/4 for the same price.

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    i have a 42 1/2in chest and a 29in waist so what ever suit i get will be loose in the waist. is that a really bad thing and if the limbs are too long, is it ok to just cut the extra length?

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    You never want to cut a wetsuit. They often have some sort of water sealing cuff, and just in general cutting a wetsuit is a bad idea. And for the extra bulk in the waist issue, generally if the size chart gives you a certain waist size, that means it will be snug with that size waist, that is allowing the suit to stretch around your body a tiny bit. If you waist is an inch or so smaller than what the size chart says, it still will not be loose. I wear a size Medium wetsuit, which is supposed to be for a 32 1/2 inch waist, when I am really around a 29-30, and it fits me great. However my chest is much smaller than yours. Just check out the size chart for the wetsuit brand you are looking to buy and find a good compromise in size for chest and waist. But don't forget that height and weight are important too.