5/4 XCel Drylock (2012)
4/3 and 3/2 O'Neill Psycho 2's (about 4 years old - time for new ones soon)

I absolutely love the Xcel... Warmest I've ever been in the winter and was broken in after 1 session. The Psychos are awesome suits as well. The other companies are catching up but to me the O'Neill rubber is the most advanced as far as weight/warmth/flexibility go. That's not to say they are the absolute best suits but their rubber is ridiculously stretchy.

My main complaint about ALL wetsuits and their manufacturers is their sizing. I am 6-4, 230 lbs and am an XL in everything and a 36 long... I take a 3XL wetsuit. My XCEL fits great but the tag claims to be sized to fit up to 6-6 260... NO WAY. Same with the O'Neills. I realize most surfers are little gnats (no offense - it definitely helps to be smaller in the water most of the time) but come on... Plus... people on the whole are getting bigger anyway so it would behoove the wetsuit companies to size up... Rant over. Waves for Jersey tomorrow.