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    its great, actually perfect. I was actually talking with buell himself and he was telling me how the big wetsuit companies (xcel, ripcurl, quiksilver ect) try to make their suits leaner to make them look more aesthetically pleasing, but his are more true to how the actual body is. I usually feel kind of uncomfortable the 1st few times wearing a new wetsuit on land, usually my pits are hurting until i get into the water, but the buell literally feels like a second skin. stoked on it. I got a MS, then traded it in for a M and it fits amazing, maybe a TAD big but i like that so i can grow into it. I mean it fits really really nicely. I'm 5'8.5 158 and it feels like butter. people, look into them - they are BUILT TO LAST

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    BTW: Swellinfo, the wetsuit guide (recommended suit for the conditions) is a sick sick sick addition to the site. Nice job!

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    anybody know the difference between xcel inifinty and xcel xflex?

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    If anyones got some reviews on theses suits i would love to hear them. I'm looking for a new 4/3mm for a decent price. Here are some of the suits I'm looking at (all chest zips);

    - O'Neill Superfreak F.U.Z.E 4/3mm
    - Xcel X-Flex X-zip 4/3mm
    - Billabong Foil 4/3mm
    - Quiksilver Syncro 4/3mm


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    I love my RC 5/5/4 Ebomb! I use 7 mil boots and 5 mil l claws, both flash bomb . I was gonna get the RC 3/2 Ebomb or Flash....does anyone have the flash? Do you feel it really dries faster? My boots and gloves are comfortable but I am not convinced they dry any faster.



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    I have a rip curl e bomb 5x3mm and it fell to bits. i purchased from this company surf shop they replaced it and it been good as gold, had it now for around 3 seasons. Really flexible and super light, great wetsuit and service from the place i bought it from!
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    Im thinking of buying a Hurley Icon 403 4/3 suit. Does anybody have any comments on hurley wetsuits or that one in perticular?

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    Hey guys quick question. Started surfing in the winter and bought an O'Neill Epic 4/3. Works good. It is getting warm though and I don't go enough to justify buying a springsuit just yet.

    Is it better to go shirtless or wear the 4/3 in the warmer months? Living in NJ btw

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    Hey dudes & dudettes, I'm about to pull the trigger on the newest Xcel 3/2 dry lock and wanted to get a review on how deep into fall/winter it could go. I'm trying to be a two suit guy (3/2 & 5/4 only) and ditch the 4/3 entirely, and I'm thinking that the 3/2 dry lock is just as warm as any other 4/3 on the market--but I could be wrong, so that's why I'm asking you all. Any help is appreciated!

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    I have a hyperflex shortsleeve comp and it sucks. It was the cheaper model and it feels like it. Really stiff and the arms are too short/tight while the legs are super long (I'm 6'2") for an XL. Maybe their higher end stuff is good but I hate this thing.

    My O'neil Psycho II 3/2 is the bomb though!