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    yeah man definitely check them out on there, you can find some sick deals. my 4/3 has the neck water barrier thing that you pull over your head before you zip up the back and it works awesome, no water gets in past it. i just got the 3/2 a couple weeks ago but love it so far, its a chest zip and a little harder to get in and out of but its so comfortable and flexible and for $50 i think it was a steal
    yup. The only issue that I have had with this suit, both years, which is why I sent it back to have it resealed, is the back panel on it. If you will notice, there are like 3 long vertical rubber lines that run along the rubber back panel. After using it alot in the hot sun in the winter, the back rubber kind of broke down, and there were splits in between the long rubber perferations. No big deal, and it was a sun issue more than anything, but just be careful taking it on and off and storing it out of the sun, because those vertical lines will seperate and create some leakage. best suit ever though.

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    found something

    IT seems to be alot of Quik cell 6 GBS suits out on Ebay but if you look around enough you can find the HFT, which was the better model. Anyway if anyone has a premium Surfline account (you may not need a premium membership) but in the gear reviews they have a video of the first QUik cell suits the 06 models (they dindt change alot between 06 and 08) and it shows what these suits are all about for anyone possibly looking into a cheap new suit, for $122 its a nicer suit than any entry level suit and being I only need it for 4 months at most out the year it will last me awhile. Hope its as good as people say, should get to try it out tomorrow if the mail man gets here in time