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    I've heard nothing but good things about Hyperflex suits...good suits for a great price.

    On another note, most high quality winter suits are called "semi dry suits" now by each manufacturer. So wetsuit,'s all semantics. Nothing to get anal about.

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    i have the amp 4/3 and the 5 mil.they fit good and are warm.not good paddling out restrictive,but surfing is not restrictive.weird i know,i feel all tight paddling but not getting up or going.

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    good suits , really warm and flexible, Quality and price are awsome

    Cant go wrong with Hyperflex

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    I have a 4/3 Flow (step down from the AMP) and love it for warmth and I find it easy to get in to. I've had it down to 48 degree water temp and was perfectly warm. I have some trouble getting out of it though...the legs off from over my ankles I wrestle with it for quite awile. Probably just a personal issue, and not the suit.

    I don't like the hyperflex gloves...too short in the cuffs and my hands get cold.

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    Thanks for all the input. I've found to get the best info is to ask people who use the stuff, I've learned that much after 26 years of snowboarding. I'm a gear whore and I hate to waste my $$$ on gear that doesn't work or last. I ordered the new 5/4/3 AMP and should have it by Mid November.

    Thanks again for all the input.

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    Don't forget to give us some feedback on the suit after some serious winter use. Pay it forward, bro