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    Oh please let that medium period, favorable wind and good tide stay as it has looked the last two days. Please, please, please puh leaszzzz.....

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    im not saying you jinxed it...

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    Well, as long as it doesn't go west too early before sunrise there should be a fishy or log session (there, now it will officially be flat).

    Besides, it's all Swellinfo's fault. His site, his power. Curse you Swellinfo and your power over nature!
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    Wilmington beaches have a nice wide swell window, they can catch se, ese and ne swells. unlike my fickle- narrow swell window-long period hating home break of Atlantic Beach/Emerald Isle.

    And I noticed that the main break is never to far from shore. No 100 yard paddle outs for the second sandbar with alot of duck diving. Seems to handle the long period swell better also. Jealous! On the other hand it does get crowded.