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Thread: New Wynn

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    you're gonna be soooo stoked on those bamboo keels, too!! they are the lightest, liveliest fins i've ever ridden!! (marlin's another great guy, btw.)
    They're not true keels, but they look like a good match for that board. Take it for a test ride and report back!

    I have a pair of glassed on bamboo keels from True Ames... the Hobie keel with I think an 8" base. Phenomenal. Possibly the only thing better than marine ply keels... for a fish. Just the right amount of strength and flex, with a "modernized" traditional template. Has some rake. Single foiled. Toed and canted. the foil on them seemed a bit flat along the base, but a thick fillet at the base allows you to add some curve where you need it.
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  2. Very jealous with the dead decal under looks so sweet......good luck

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    makes me want to sit alone and listen to europe '72 all six sides straight through and then go surfing