What happened to the forecast this weekend ?

Specifically, the forecast for Virginia Beach.. ?

Because as of all week, and even through oh-dark-thirty on Saturday morning, the forecast on this website was for clean green & waist to better...and it was definitely NOT.

Yah, yah, I get the stuck record "forecasting is not a given, is not guaranteed, is not absolute." I get that.

However....when the forecaster calls for waist to better & improving conditions through Sunday, and the fact is that in VB it was knee high slop & did not improve by Sunday, my question is where is the accountability ?

There were a few rides at 45th Street. That was it. I know this because I literally walked on the sandbars - - walked ! - - in the water from 58th down to 42nd. That's how flat today in VB was.

Look....I respect the effort. But, people make plans & spend money, lots of money, to go surfing based on forecasts claiming to be from a perspective of expertise.

I realize that people are going to go ballistic, tell me to move to the coast, shut up, or they will spew-regurgitate the above excuses in p. 3, but save your breath this time.

If the forecast is botched, as it was this weekend, I'd like to see some accountability. Take credit & plenty of it when due. As well, take your bullet when it's your bullet.