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    Welcome to the 50s


    So water is getting down their etc..was thinking of getting my first winter suit, saw a hyperflex flow hooded suit 6/5/4mm


    1.) Anyone got anything to say about this suit? Crap? Good?

    2.)Why is the hood only 4mm, I would of thought it be more or does your head just not get as cold as your body?

    As I said first winter suit, so any tips or cheeky tricks would be great.


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    Terrible Suit

    It started falling apart within a year. It is like wearing swiss cheese now. It was good for a while but it has no durability.

    Also, I submitted a review on wetsuitwearhouse.com that was honest and respectful but it was never posted. I have the feeling this low priced suit is their cash cow and they only post good reviews.

    I'd stay away if were you. I should have. Most guys I know that have Xcel are happy with them.

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    Although it's not that model, my friend has a similar Hyperflex suit. There are no holes (yet) but a lot of the seams are busting. I actually went to Sundown in Levittown a few days ago to buy my first winter suit. They had a Hyperflex for 5/4 $280 which was very tempting, but after comparing it to an O'Neill Heat 6/5/4 it was a no-brainer. For $350 I got a much warmer, more durable, more flexible, and all around better suit. Spend the extra money, you wont regret it! I tried it out on Sunday and it was amazing, a 6mm is definitely overkill with the water temps right now, but I loved everything about the suit.


    edit: i'd highly recommend staying away from hyperflex. i just realized one of my other friends 3/2's is a hyperflex and it's a piece of s#!t. the prices are tempting, but maybe they're low for a reason.
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    I love my Infiniti Drylock 5/4. Had it for 3 years now and it's still in excellent condition.

    On top of that, Xcel has the best customer service out there...

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    Hyperflex 6/5/4

    I bought the hyperflex 6/5/4 last year and I have no complaints thus far. I kept me warm right through the winter. Its not a top of the line wetsuit but for the price you cant go wrong. I think I paid like 240 for mine on wetsuit warehouse. I am still growing, so for me it is not worth investing 500 bucks in a new suit that I am just gonna grow out of in a couple of years. But even for the low price the hyperflex is still a quality suit. I would recommend it.

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    Welcome to the 50s

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate your posts! Happy Surfing!