I'm thankful for people who don't lie so I don't have to spend this time of year wrongfully accused of a crime I didn't even have a chance of committing. Just goes to show you police officers lie, cheat, steal and are criminals just like any one else. Also that our government is so corrupt that they can't keep their eyes on some people running around with the authority to have a gun, not doing their job correctly, then even making something up to justify what he did was right. Officer Grozier acted like a kid in daycare still sucking his thumb, the daycare being our government. I had to spend 3 weeks in jail for something I did not do, missing my family, wondering how I was actually in jail, and this time of year in which I can't help think of that horrible incident. I have always heard of people getting arrested with police officers lying to get the convection but never thought it could happen to me. We should be aware of our surroundings and not let people like this have jobs, don't let this same instance happen to you. By the way this thread does pertain to surfing because I did not get to surf the three weeks I was falsely put in jail. If anyone has any press connections I strongly believe the people of our community should know my side of the story.