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Thread: surf watches

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    get a nixon lodown. its functional, and allows you to program 2 different favorite beaches with corresponding tides. and it runs for about $90.

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    Nixon Lodown

    I havent taken my lodown off in over a year and I love it. Not bad at round $80-$90 plus it gives you tide charts from a large selection, future tides and a chrono wave count to see when the next set should be rolling in

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    I made a sundial out of some flat stones, a leather strap and some industrial strength epoxy. Works great. Total cost: $3.75.

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    I got one of those Breo watches. It's looks similar to those Power Balance bracelets, but it actually has a purpose. It weighs next to nothing, is waterproof up to 10m, and doesn't give me a watch tan on my wrist during the summer.

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    Freestyle Shark watch, tried and true. use it and abuse it 45 bucks.

    best 45 i ever spent

  6. if you go with any nixon tide watch make sure you get the revised ones. they had a recall because the tide settings were always off by an hour during daylight saveings time. it happened to me. i have the outsider. but nixon was super cool about the recall and sent me a brand new one.

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    I'd go with the Nixon Lodown as well

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    Nixon Lodown for sure, i've been wearing them everyday for 2 years they're great.

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    NIXON LODOWN is amazing!!!! only $90. its so good i have that one and THE HOUSING

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Beachbreak... right on. I'm still wearing my shark watch and it's about 10 years old now. Funny... it gets steamed up on really hot days, but the thing still works!
    Freestyle Shark == Best on the market. A TON LESS then other watches (nixon, ripcurl etc)...

    I have owned the same shark tide watch for 6 years. Runs like a champ. No steaming up. I have taken it out everyady for years in every kind surf. Back breaking TOH to jumping off a 40 foot bridge with it on my wrist. Never fails. Always on point... The tide function is very simple and very money....

    We have had this debate many times, but all style and show aside, its the best on the market. Just a standard black watch tho... It doesn't have "Bling" or any of thecrap on most of those watches...

    The guy that sold it to me originally was selling me a couple other ones that were pricier, but when I told him that I surf everyday, all season and got into a conversation with him, he said look, all BS salesmanship aside, if you actually surf everyday you gotta go freestyle. They are made for swimmers and watermen who use them daily, all year... He said most of the pricier watches fail when actually used in surf for a whole year... He explained to me that most tide watches are for show. For guys who want to strike up a conversation while "talking about" going surfing.... Again, this was 6 years ago, but I was sold on that watch for sure. 1/3 of the price of the rest of them, and its gone to hell and back, with no worries.