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Thread: Claw gloves

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    Claw gloves

    I plan on getting some claw style gloves, and never worn them before. Just wondering if anyone had any insight.

    Being that I probably will only wear them 3 months out of the year and they are reasonable, I was thinking Hyperflex 5m claws. Anyone have these gloves?
    Any other suggestions?

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    try them on first. i got bodyglove claws for like 25 bucks. love them.

    makes me feel like im paddling with NOS

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    claw gloves??

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    sorry, lobster claw gloves

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    no likey. i don't see much benefit vs. mittens and the solo index finger gets cold sometimes. go mittens or regular 5 fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastShoreRider2 View Post
    I was thinking Hyperflex 5m claws. Anyone have these gloves?
    Any other suggestions?
    I had a pair of hyperflex 5 mm gloves a couple years ago and they were cold and leaky from the first session. yea they were cheaper than the xcels and O'neills i usually buy, but i'd rather drop an extra $15 and have warm hands.

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    I got oneil psycho's and I love them I think mittens are warmer since all your fingers are together and some times my one finger gets cold if i get a flush but that only happened a few times but its easier to grab your board and paddle i think

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    Claw gloves don't break down and get those little holes between fingers that let water in.

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    I like the claw well enough that I've never had mittens.

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    the lone index finger in the claw is good for picking your nose or your buddy's nose who is wearing mittens. it is also really good for pointing at things. god forbid someone kooks up a wave and you are unable to point at him and laugh because you are wearing mittens