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Thread: Cyber Monday

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    Cyber Monday

    if anyone knows any web sites with surf and skate goods for sale, during todays consumer holiday

    this is a good place too share.

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    Cyber Monday is a hoax, there are at least 5 or more better days a year for online sales. Predictions say 12/13 will far surpase today...

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    im just looking for some cheap slide gloves

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    make some dude...its so easy.

    Take some heavy work gloves and use a jigsaw to cut pieces out of a cutting board and then heat them up and melt them to the gloves. Sure they wear down eventually but then you can make new ones. Cost me a total of like 8 bucks.

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    great idea thanks

    what do use to protect the finger tips ?

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    made my own slide gloves last summer. best toy ever! the leather gloves wore out way before the cutting board plastic even started showing signs of wear. i recommend getting knee pads though, got some cheap ones at home depot for $15 they were real comfortable too

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