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    Wetsuits for sale!! Winter suits for cheap!!!

    I got a few suits I'm looking to get rid of. All suits are 3 years old or newer, all are in good shape, washed after each use. They're all solid suits, no rips or tears or holes, but they do show signs of moderate use.

    Here's what I got...

    Billabong Foil Flatlock 3/2 - XL - $30
    Light/Medium usage. No holes, all seams are in great shape, zipper works, velco’s good. Good suit.

    O’Neill Mutant 4/3 - 2 XL's & 1 XXL - $40 each
    All 3 suits show medium usage. Includes hood & crew neck attachment. No holes, seams in good shape, zipper on front and back work great.

    O’Neill Hammer 2/1 Spring Suit - XXL - $20
    Still in great shape, nothing wrong with it.

    O’Neill Farmer John Spring Suit – L - $20
    Great shape, good summer suit.

    Hyperflex Amp 5/4/3 - XL - $50
    Suit’s one year old, light usage. Great shape

    I'm really really looking to get rid of these. I'm not trying to get rich off them, and would much rather see someone get some use out of them instead of trying to get more money, that's why they're so cheap. I can take pictures of them if you want to see em.

    reply if interested!

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    Definitely would want the Mutant and Hyperflex, just too big of a size for me =\

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    dude how big are you, id be interested in teh 5/4/3 and the spring suit but im only a large. great prices though

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    i would def be intrested in getting one of those suits, i sent u a message

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    where are you located? I can get you 50 for the xl hyperflex wednesday if you're in the eastern shore area

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    I'll take one of the two XL O’Neill Mutant 4/3's ...let me know where your at and I'll give you the cash.

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    got pics of the farmer john?

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    Sent you a PM about the 5/4/3.

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    im in central jersey for anyone who's interested.. LBI area

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    hey koki delete some messages from your inbox im trying to send you a message but it won't go through