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    does anyone know on here a website that sells supplies to make a bodyboard? I think it'd be a cheaper, safer, easier, and sick alternative to surfboard shaping. I havent found anywhere that sells EPP foam big enough, surlyn sheets, or the right dimensions for cross link polyethylene foam
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    I like where this is going, it seems like an excellent idea and I hope you find what you're looking for. Sorry, but idk any place that sells those materials, but you will most likely have to get them online or from manufacturers because no locals I know of shape bodyboards O.O

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    Back in the mid 70's when Morey first invented the "Boogie Board", one had to actually buy the "kit" with instructions and physically make his or her own sponge. That changed in the late 70's when Morey started mass-producing the Boogie.

    The "kit" contained a flexible open-celled sponge core, which is pretty much the same material the entire sponge is composed of today. The difference was, that the early Boogie kit came with a very smooth closed-cell covering (similar to the camping pads you put underneath your sleeping bag when you go camping). The closed-cell covering was glued onto the open-celled core and trimmed accordingly. The end result was a much superior quality sponge, way better than the stuff being hawked today.

    I would suggest doing some research on the old Morey kits. It could give you the knowledge and inspiration to fabricate something really cool....even if it is just a "sponge".

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    Attached is the first advertisement for a Morey Boogie to appear in Surfer Magazine,
    Vol. 15, No. 1, page 14.
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    go to the local public pool and grab a couple of kick boards and glue those together for your core.

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    What about if you used a small surfboard blank, or cut one down to size and shape a belly board. Could give an interesting introduction to shaping surfboards and you would get your body board you want out of it all at the same time. You could also do a board out of paulownia wood and make a small finless type board (alaia, belly board, finless surfboard).. Don't know much about body board cores but how would foam insulation sold at home depot or lowes work then seal with fiberglass..? Also would about pour foam? Just ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodndtube View Post
    Attached is the first advertisement for a Morey Boogie to appear in Surfer Magazine,
    Vol. 15, No. 1, page 14.
    excellent, dude....thanks for the research.

    JimmyG: surfboard foam, insulation or styrofoam just won't cut it....not enough flex for "boogie" type surfcraft. However, when you talk about surfboard foam or wood and covering it with fiberglass and resin, you are talking about Paipo's....which are totally fun, but a completely different animal. I have a close friend who is designing his own paipos from an assortment of woods. Kinda like Alaia's for your belly. They were the first boards for prone riders, and you could see alot of these kamikazi's at the Wedge in the 60's. Kinda like a hand grenade in a washing machine.

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    ask and ye shall receive....


    I would purchase a sheet of the polyethylene, shape it, and cover it with neoprene. Use contact cement to glue.
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