MB 10/20

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by eskimo
MB 10/20  MB 10/20  MB 10/20

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: MB 10/20
    wow, what a blatant drop in.
  2. #2 eskimo
    Re: MB 10/20
    Yea he was doing that to a bunch of people, eventually one guy came out of the water and screamed at him, after that, the kid stayed on the beach for the rest of the day.
  3. #3 eastcoastgilson
    Re: MB 10/20
    hahahah i saw that wave......so bad
  4. #4 eskimo
    Re: MB 10/20
    Kid, if you want to talk to me, do it next time you see me at the beach, in person, not hiding behind your computer screen.
  5. #5 eskimo
    Re: MB 10/20
    Quote Originally Posted by BodyBro
    yea okay, next time i see someone with a piece of crap camera thinking hes all cool sticking up for surfers ill have a nice chat with you. oh wait i dont even know you,
    Red hair, silver tripod, silver camera. You'll recognize me, I look forward to our chat.
  6. #6 eskimo
    Re: MB 10/20
    The only thing I ever said was that that kid cut a bunch of people off, which is true, Kohere.
  7. #7 Jettylife521
    Re: MB 10/20
    Yo dude just shut the f*** up. It was a statement that shouldn't of been said. However, you don't have the right and say to get in his ****ing face and talk s*** to him BodyBro. I bet you suck at whatever the f*** you do. And as a matter of fact, Eskimo takes some quality pix. Yea maybe a few are bad but at least he tries and goes again to get some more (Eskimo your getting better dude keep it up). I'd like to see you take some better pix from the water. So BodyBro just shut the f*** up. Surfing/Bodyboarding waves is all about having fun wit your buds and the memories, not arguing over some drop in and how "bad" someone shoots pix. And if u want to fight I'm all for it. See me at MB someday...and you'll get what was given to you...
  8. #8 JerseySurfRat89
    Re: MB 10/20
    Quote Originally Posted by BodyBro
    Kohere. wtf??? i know of them, but this isnt me, and so what if im backin him up. and eskimo, again your wrong. he only did it once or twice the whole day, and no one needs your ****ty comments, on your ****ty photos taken with your ****ty camera. you have no need to be there or talk about anyone like that, especially about kids i know or anyone...cuz you cant.

    samuel l. jackson(snakes on a plane..well sorta)