Earl Pics

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by MaxG72
Hurricane Igor 9-19-10  Earl Pics  Earl Pics

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GoPro Pics from Earl 9-03-10

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  1. #1 mexsurfer
    Re: Earl Pics
    where do you put a gopro on a sponge?
  2. #2 NJ SPONGIN
    Re: Earl Pics
    You put the little pad on the front of it right next to the leash plug.

    This pic is badass.
  3. #3 MaxG72
    Re: Earl Pics
    Thx NJ SPONGIN, this was my first outing with the camera, I hope to get better with it.

    mexsurfer, check this How To vid, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JTWEc5dGKY