Oct. 20th OCMD

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by XgozX
Bethany Beach, December 06  Oct. 20th OCMD  Oct. 20th OCMD

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  1. #1 spongeoc
    Re: Oct. 20th OCMD
    wow thats a great wave great shot
  2. #2 eastcoastgilson
    Re: Oct. 20th OCMD
    looks fun.....monmouth county, jersey def got it better tho

    pics coming soon
  3. #3 fatoldguy
    Re: Oct. 20th OCMD
    Was that around 30th street?

    I think I may have seen that one live, although lots of people were getting barrels that day.
  4. #4 XgozX
    Re: Oct. 20th OCMD
    Actually, this one was around 42nd st. in the afternoon.