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  1. #1 r donofrio
    Re: Jc
    is this at the naval jetties?
  2. #2 surfphotonbg
    Re: Jc
    It's Herring Point or the Indian River Inlet. I think Indian River Inlet is also known as the Naval Jetties? Moved here 5 months ago, but been taking photos around here for 5 years
  3. #3 r donofrio
    Re: Jc
    no they r two different spots there is one the indian river inlet and the other the naval jetties or known as hering point its in lewes.. i think this is the naval jetties... there r some nice shots
  4. #4 surfphotonbg
    Re: Jc
    Thanks! I meant to say taking photos for 2 years not 5. LOL!

    I take a lot of photos at the Naval Jetties aka HP. I live 3 miles from there. Would love to find more spots. Do you know where to go in OC. Waves were 6.6 last week, I drove from Lewes to 143rd, 120th, 48th street and not a surfer to be found.