Delaware Oct. 27, 2007

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Delaware Oct. 27, 2007  Delaware Oct. 27, 2007  Delaware Oct. 27, 2007

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South wind swell in Delaware. Draining 4ft+ right handers all afternoon with light offshores. Brian Stoehr here about to hit the lip.

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  1. #1 Chris Joyner
    Re: Fenwick Island, DE Oct. 27, 2007
    I had my stuff to film but it was too darn fun!!! Would have been great to get all those ARSs', backflips and barrels on film.
  2. #2 Swellinfo
    Re: Fenwick Island, DE Oct. 27, 2007
    haha, thats the catch22 about shooting. You have to get out of the water. The main reason, MIA was developed, was due to shoulder surgery that sidelined me. Shooting water on the other hand is really fun.