Assateague 10/6/10

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New Jersey March 7th  Assateague 10/6/10

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wed oct. sixth

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  1. #1 kman
    Re: Assateague 10/6/10
    WOW! u guyz r luckeey!
  2. #2 Zippy
    Re: Assateague 10/6/10
    That wave is about waist high breaking 200 feet from shore over a shallow sandbar. Looks fun when stopped still by the camera. I surfed that day down there and for the most part it was small and weak. Pretty picture though.
  3. #3 petesmith
    Re: Assateague 10/6/10
    Yeah Zippys right it pretty much closed out on this wave. I did catch a few fun ones though and was the only one out for a while.
  4. #4 ECsponger
    Re: Assateague 10/6/10
    Cool perspective... and way to trick the eye