"quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"

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"quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"

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by Iceman
Blizzary  "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"  12/1/10 Nj

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Description by Iceman


Rooski sends his Alaskan Malamute "Merry Christmas" greetings to all.

Comments for "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi" (8)

  1. #1 nickzilla720
    Re: "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"
    Epic picture! Merry Christmas!
  2. #2 Iceman
    Re: "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"
    Timing is everything. ;-) That said...Rooski seems to have an innate ability to know when to relax when called upon to set-roping pose. Likewise, Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  3. #3 OGmd
    Re: "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"
    where is this? so perfect
  4. #4 captblueshorts
    Re: "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"
    i hope its not alaska.....im calling it cape cod?
  5. #5 GoodVibes
    Awsome shot bro.Great timing with the barrel.
  6. #6 Iceman
    Re: "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"
    OGmd, captainblueshorts: Appreciate the where-about interest. However, canít divulge the exact location of spinning origin. Rooski Point guys would have my hide. That said...was given a safe-to-say permission nod by the Malamute to convey that itís located somewhere south of Corolla, and north of Sunset Beach (NC not HI), far from any whirring cams and/or surf report sortie sorts.

    GoodVibes: Thank you. We saw the set winding down the beach. He sat, I shot. Roo's a good boy.

    Otherwise...happy Boxing Day and rest of holidays to ya'll and yours.
  7. #7 NJSwell
    Re: "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"
    that is the sickest dog, and the sickest barrel in the back, everything looks perfect
  8. #8 CBQ
    Re: "quayanaghhalek Kuusmemi"
    Can you say, "Perfection!" You got da shot, bro! Good boy, Roo! Hope you submit that for some photo contest!