Montauk Tow In

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by Jbones
Power Play  Montauk Tow In  Nation's Tallest

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  1. #1 surfde
    Re: Montauk Tow In
    pretty sick.
  2. #2 rgnsup
    Re: Montauk Tow In
    Hey Jay,

    Was this from Bill as well like that other pic with the CG boat? That is one of my all time favorite pics.
  3. #3 BonerSurfs
    Re: Montauk Tow In
    not to be a negative nancy, cause the picture is sick... But the dude on the ski is totally ruining this wave... I guess they missed the whole point of whipping in
  4. #4 Jbones
    Re: Montauk Tow In
    Thanks! Yes this was from Bill.You would think based on the photo that the surfer caught a right(surfers right) but he actually caught the left(surfers left) to this wave. He was getting a couple of good ones for sure.