High Cholesterol

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by Iceman
Montauk Bill (lost Photos)  High Cholesterol  Channel Cat5 Tv

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  1. #1 darryl
    Re: High Cholesterol
    nice pic old man, looks like that one could last a while.

    nice to catch you posting somewhere, still down here sponging at the wb, hope all is well up your way
  2. #2 Iceman
    Re: High Cholesterol
    Thank you Darryl. Tropically swell induced Nicole Kidman 10.1.10 speaking, wave of the could last awhile day it was.

    Otherwise...all is well down south facing up here. Ironically east facing wb speaking, was down in your neck of the parking meter woods yesterday buying a DaKine soft coffin board bag for an upcoming May trip to El Salvador with Chicky, Caleb, and Keith Andre. Jason, not the Ironboy kind, was a big salesperson help and expertly picked out a really nice one for me.

    A Happy belated and just starting New Year to you and yours. Sweetwater Surf Shop segueing lastly...Ron, if you're reading this, your brother said that he's way better looking than you. Of which I gotta sorta agree, with the long hair and all...just sayin'.