Dawn Patrol

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by Iceman
On Top Of It  Dawn Patrol  Guion Eye-in

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"Through the helter skelter morning, fix yourself while you still can."
~ Beck

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  1. #1 Tylo
    Re: Dawn Patrol
    was that done witha digital cam? Very cool.
  2. #2 Iceman
    Re: Dawn Patrol
    Yes it was...from my trusty Canon Rebel XTi.

    Some brief FYI exif data. Set it on the 10 second self timer with 30 second exposure rate. Adjusted the tripod really low. Took the shot, then waited around 10 seconds to walk slowly in front of the lens to crouch down and poser for another 10s, then walked back behind the lens before it completed the finished Dawn Patrol pictorial product. Waited a bit for lots of vehicles to approach from either direction too for maximum color-streak UFO effect.

    And thank you!