On Top Of It

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by Iceman
Territorally Undeterred  On Top Of It  Dawn Patrol

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Surf Chic check.

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  1. #1 GTL
    Re: On Top Of It
    looks like a dude
  2. #2 Zippy
    Re: On Top Of It
    That looks like a dude?
  3. #3 theblesnuahs2nder444
    Re: On Top Of It
    Where in the OBX is this.
  4. #4 kidrock
    Re: On Top Of It
    I think it's Frisco
  5. #5 Iceman
    Re: On Top Of It
    Correct Frisco and Legs assessment Kidrock and Zippy.

    As for all-the-young-dudes Mott The Hoople assessment part (and there I go dating myself once and yet again)...all I can say is what Beck sorta New Pollution sang-said; She's got a hand on a wheel of pain, she can talk to the mangling strangers (i.e.; she surfed better than most of the host of dudes out there that one Frisco Pier day).
  6. #6 kidrock
    Re: On Top Of It
    thanks for the confirm, Ice. I would confirm the Mott the Hoople lyrics, but then I'd be dating myself. I really don't want to go there.