Jersey - Nov. 4

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Jersey - Nov. 4  Jersey - Nov. 4  Jersey - Nov. 4

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New Jersey photos - Nov. 4, 2006. "Dirty Jersey Juice"Submitted by Steve Oboyle.

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    goin_retro 06:30 PM
    Re: Jersey - Nov. 4
    That is a sick picture. It reminds me of one that I saw of pipe where the swells just look like mountains or some sort of landscape. I love all the people on the beach and you can see one little head in the water.
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    OBlove 12:46 AM
    Thanks man!
    I snapped a few shots just before I paddled out! The color and cropping on the computer helped this shot a lot. The cresting wave and the people were just luck and timing. This was a keeper and really highlights what the day had to offer. It was big and it got bigger with the dropping tide. It's a secret spot...so find it if you can?