Jersey - Nov. 4

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Bethany Beach, DE - Nov. 9  Jersey - Nov. 4  Jersey - Nov. 4

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New Jersey photos - Nov. 4, 2006. "Before the paddle out" Submitted by Steve Oboyle.

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    Re: Jersey - Nov. 4
    Hey Mr. Swellinfo Guy, I will be in Philly tomorrow(Friday June 15)......I would like to see you. I will be in the 9th & Chestnut area around 9:00 am......I am making a short run to Murray's Deli in Bala Cynwyd and will be back in center city by 10:00 am.......We need to talk. Banning some one for being interesting is a crime against nature.....akin to dog-humping. This is not what surfing is about. I didn't \"Hijack\" any thread. At least no more than others do.

    I hold grudges..........and this has been something that has bothered me. I don't like any other message boards. I like Swellinfo's message boards. We need to get together, in person, to work out your problems. I will talk to you someday down the road.......You can count on it. AND NO, this is not some threat or anything. I just want to TALK. I do no violence and I'm not any kind of threat. My pen and keyboard are my only weapons. Good Lord, you get hurt enough playing Softball and pulling your wetsuit off.

    I am the sponge that cures all prejudices......and you ban me !!!! Are you nuts? Yeah those Gaurino dudes are better than me, but I have style and do my own thing. Plus, I laid the path for those North Jersey Bastards. Yeah, I was the only sponge out at The Casino Pier back in the 1980's. How dare you ban me. I owned the CNJ/ESA back then.....only losing to Bruce Trowbridge because he knew all the right people......Seriously dude, I used to get seconds to him all of the time and he couldn't even do a spin back then. I used to throw spin-roll combos in two foot, sectioning mush, only to get beat by somebody who got up drop-knee and rode a three yard line. Getting up drop-knee is EASY as ****. Really, if you have any wave knowledge and experience, getting up drop-knee and riding down-the-line is nothing. It's as easy as standing up on a surfboard on a mushy day.

    Nowadays, I never spin nor roll around........BURY THE RAIL AND THROW CHUNKS........FLOAT HEAVY SECTIONS.......SMASH THE LIP.......AND FLY OFF OF RAMPS............DO NOT THROW WEAK SPINS AND EL FLOPPOS.......

    Please stop making me dislike you....for the good of all mankind.......stop making me dislike you.