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  1. #1 SouthjettyBill
    Re: sunset
    Spongedude..........How's it going? That's fantastic.

    How does it feel to be one of the 10% - 20 % that is be intelligent on this site?

    Hey, I don't know how old you are but I was wondering about your take on society today and what you think of these younger generations. I don't necessarily blame them. They were born into the computer-thang and the whole, \"Johnny can do no wrong\" parental upbringing.

    Now maybe you think I am nuts.....maybe.......but I am interested in your views on this. Yourselves, Erock, Kahuna Kai, and a couple others are the only minds I respect on this site. And contrary to what some may think - yes I do get addicted to posting on this site - I particapate in a minute amount of internet sites. I use a computer to send out resumes, to email an ex-girlfriend in Canada, chat with a few old friends who live out-of-state, and Swellinfo is the only website I post messages on. I am not a \"Computer Guy.\"

    And......to let you know. I used to surf. Well, I started riding white water on bodyboards. Then started paddling out and catching waves and riding straight. Then started going down-the-line. Then I started surfing. It took me three sessions before I was coming off the bottom and doing weak turns. Then I figured out that I didn't have to \"progress\" to surfing and stuck with my sponge ever since.

    I did contests in high school( ESA..NSSA) had a few sponsors(Rip Curl, BZ, and a local surf shop). Spun and rolled my way around....hitting every section that presented itself.

    But as I got older, I stopped spinning and rolling. I take off late, crank bottom turns, have style and actually know how to \"pump\" and be in the speed section of every wave. I bury the rail and throw chunks. I float and freefall, and I hit the lip....and bust on ramps.....I never found ARS's appealing........I appreciate reverse spins in critical sections.......But the reason I write this is not to hype myself but to give you an understanding of who I am. Also, spongers need to stop the endless spin and flopping fest that seems to permeate the medium. I don't mean to criticize but spongers need to stop the weak-ass spin fest.........Please...if you are throwing spinners ..please stop.........Cutbacks not spins.........Oh of course I dig 360 airs....and yeah a blasting spin off the lip is good too....but NON !!! on the shoulder spins..........

    God bless you Spongedude, I love you so much.
  2. #2 SouthjettyBill
    Re: sunset
    Spongedude, do you think that President Roosevelt(Franky not Teddy) knew about Japan's mission to hit Pearl Harbor before-hand but let it happen in order to go to war in Europe?

    Spongedude, do you put any stock into New World Order theories and clandestine groups like the Bilderbergs, the masons, and all that?

    Spongedude, what about The Georgia Guidestones? And why Georgia for Pete's Sakes?

    Spongedude, why do people still think that California is still some land of paradise......?

    Sorry to bother you spongedude, but it's been a couple of crazy days around here. Plus I'm practicing to be the next Geraldo Rivera, I'm even growing that mustache thing he has going........Remember no more spins and el floppos, ok.........When I make it, I'll put you on 20/20 ok........I'm going to be the next Geraldo Rivera
  3. #3 SouthjettyBill
    Re: sunset
    Aww man why do you ignore me? You make me feel so insignificant. I cry, Spongedude........I cry.