Kelly Slater Quik Pro NY

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Kelly Slater Quik Pro NY (2)  Kelly Slater Quik Pro NY  Josh Kerr Quik Pro NY

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Kelly Slater in quartefinal heat 2 vs. Josh Kerr.
More shots from the event on my website: http://lrkphotography.net/

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  1. #1 wang
    Re: Kelly Slater Quik Pro NY
    How hard is it to shoot a pro at a pro contest? I would've given the photo of the week award to an amateur photographer capturing a sick shot of an amatuer surfer. But, that's just me. Maybe I'm bitter, or biased.
  2. #2 lrkphotography
    Re: Kelly Slater Quik Pro NY
    Hey man I'm no pro whatsoever, I literally just picked up a camera under a year ago. And trust me, if anything says \"amateur\", it was the setup I was using when I shot this. I don't know how much you know about cameras, but all the photogs around me at the event were rocking at least 30 grand of equipment. I took this with a Canon Digital Rebel...which, while its still a DSLR, has only about 6 megapixels and is basically a glorified point-and-shoot. I had to rent it too, along with the lens, a Tamron 200-500mm, to which I owe everything for these shots.

    But hey no worries, trust me, when the winter swells start hitting Jersey I'll be on the beach shooting all the amateurs. And I agree with you, amateur shots are much more awesome. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to score another photo of the week with one of those.

  3. #3 wang
    Re: Kelly Slater Quik Pro NY
    No worries, man. I was trying to give whoever decides these photos of the week a hard time, not necessarily you. And, allbeit an older DSLR with a rented lens, it's still nicer than my Nikon CoolPix. Though, my CoolPix seems to shoot a stright horizon line ;>) Other than the fisheye shots (thanks to a friend), all of the other shots on here were taken with my CoolPix or an older point-n-shoot.