bethany mid-replenishment

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bethany mid-replenishment

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by chubbyG
bethany mid-replenishment secret spot?

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bethany beach in oct, nothing fancy...

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: bethany mid-replenishment
    doesn't look like the replenishment is hurting things too bad...
  2. #2 chubbyG
    Re: bethany mid-replenishment
    well this was mid-replenishment, when the dredgers were making point breaks on either end. but truth be told, it doesnt look like it has messed up the sandbars as much as it did in rehoboth and fenwick. perhaps because bethany was already pretty dumpy. fenwick is coming along (as are some of the n.oc bars) so time will tell.....
  3. #3 steelwave42
    Re: bethany mid-replenishment
    Last year where it was dredged in oc the negative effects didn't really seem to kick in until spring/summer. Winter was still good. After that one classic spring monday if you guys remember, it really fell off. No consistancy til recently. We did get some unusually long lines during the replenishment... if you didn't mind hoping the pipes and eventually getting hollared at by the guys doing it, it really paid off. We did really feel it in the summer tho (hence the crowds down by 45th).
  4. #4 MDSurfer
    Re: bethany mid-replenishment
    The crowds were at 45th-46th streets well before any replenishment went on up north, and it will still be a mob scene (only marginally better than 36th street) long after as well, much the way 8th street was the happening place or even way back when when the Johnson Brothers popularized 15th and 17th street. It's partially the quality of the wave, but mostly about the mindset of those who like to think they "surf." Nice to see Bethany still has some quality waves though.