The Optimist

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Puerto Rico, 12/23/12  The Optimist  Wouldn't it be nice. . . if it were always this way?

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Someone is either an incredible
optimist, or they’ve made
a commitment to surf every
single day of their life,
no matter what the conditions. Or maybe it's just because it is a weekend.

Comments for The Optimist (3)

  1. #1 gtowntreyble
    Re: The Optimist
    haha more power to him, getting his shower for the day
  2. #2 macPSU
    Re: The Optimist
    In the words of Nat Young, \"If you don't catch any waves, does it still count as surfing?\"
  3. #3 MDSurfer
    Re: The Optimist
    Good attribution. Nat would know.