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gruvisightingassateagueva noaa scanner

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  1. #1 super fish
    Re: gruvisightingassateagueva
    need a close up of gruvi
  2. #2 SouthjettyBill
    Re: gruvisightingassateagueva
    Yeah Super Fish, man you be careful if you go out in that ocean today. Watch out for sharks. They'll be coming back in about two months.

    I don't know about North Jersey but SJ is looking pretty fun today. Hey does North Jersey still barely break at high tide when it's under 4 foot...AHHAHAHAHAHA......North Jersey sucks...South Jersey is for the real people. Go surf Snookie you SOB's.........Oh I just mess with you North Jersey people....calm down......Oh, Koki Barrels these guys never got me upset. Of course I'm not letting petty insults just go.....but I was never upset. I like to play around too. When I'm upset I make angry, scary threats......Yes, I will work on that. A'ight(that's black for \"allright\") I'll see yas in April......and Lord have mercy on those who don't show me the fear of God.
  3. #3 SouthjettyBill
    Re: gruvisightingassateagueva
    Hey yo, I know I'm just yapping and no one is going to see this. You may ask why the hells I'm on here if I'm banned. Well jeez, people are still talking about me and i have to keep records of who was naughty and who was nice. Plain and simple.

    Ihatelongboarders, you were on the boards when I came back after my first banning, yeah I didn't even last 24 hours before the second banishment. You were on the IBA thread. You saw I was around. You didn't harp at me then......why now, when I'm not around. That's not playing fair is it. And it is obvious that you are infatuated with me.....just like that AvonsurferNC dude is with that Matt character

    Aguaholic, jeez man, I'm just playing around with the South/North Jersey thing. And you are right I do know my stuff. I admire you saying that despite your misguided feelings about me. Salud.

    For those who say I was always incoherrent.........so wrong. Most of my threads were completely coherent. I only acted retarded when responding to the meany guys. If you had a sense of humor and some smarts you'd have found it amusing. The Miki Dora stuff was not \"Lifted\"........I don't care how many Derek Hynds there are out there, if we agree......we agree. Those are my views and if others share the same views and have written like wise......that's just the way it is. Jeez I even quoted Derek Hynd and gave the proper reference. I don't need to copy ideas from people. There is a never ending battle going on in my brain. It's not easy being slightly insane.

    To all the good guys with senses of humor and intellect.......I love every single one of youse guys.

    Oh I got real fun waves this morning.........NANNY NANNY NA NA !!!!!