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SUP  Closing Out

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  1. #1 super fish
    Re: SUP
    would have been a great photo without the SUP in it...just sayin
  2. #2 nick t.
    Re: SUP
    did you do this with a neutral density filter?
  3. #3 RID
    Re: SUP
    Pretty much, I used a combination of a couple different graduated ND filters
  4. #4 Swellinfo
    Re: SUP
    So Rad - Nice work!
  5. #5 nick t.
    Re: SUP
    cool im thinking about getting one, real good shot!
  6. #6 RID
    Re: SUP
    if you are going to get into filters look into slot filters. They are less expensive than the screw on kind and give you a bit more versatility when shooting. Although from what I read some of the lower end filters can have color cast issues.
  7. #7 GoodVibes
    Re: SUP
    awesome shot man,great job
  8. #8 beaner
    Re: SUP
    great photo.