Sea Girt

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by kdiddy8
gopro surfing  Sea Girt  Little perfect wave 3

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  1. #1 kdiddy8
    Re: Sea Girt
    do you ever go on magic seaweed?

    and cape may rocks...
  2. #2 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Sea Girt
    Hey diddy, now I'm serious here........take these dudes swell predictions with a grain of salt. I know you have to get it on weekends, and I was in your position at your age too. I know the anticipation and worry you have. I know how it sucks when a storm goes offshore on Friday afternoon and the winds start blowing offshore and you're panicked about whether it will hold till Saturday.....I know your pain.

    But, dude, it's impossible to accurately predict what it's going to be like around here, five days in advance......Some dudes on here may mean well but they just seem to throw around some metereological jargon...like, \"The low is deepening and will intensify as it moves offshore\" and then they will act like that's a bad thing....UMMM if it's intesifying after it hits the ocean that is GOOD news......Plus they usually use this weather jargon just for the sake of using it, and not when it really applies. Don't plan anything or hope for anything over two days......
  3. #3 kdiddy8
    Re: Sea Girt
    do you ever go on magic seaweed?

    and cape may rocks...
  4. #4 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Sea Girt
    Hey Kdiddy....I'm gonna go and set up shop on Magic Seaweed this weekend..........From what I can tell the webmaster isn't as judgemental and predjudice on there....but I have only viewed it a few times......

    Yo, my Cape May spiel was really against Swellinfo legend Matt Johnston or whoever........not that I have anything against him, but some longboard dude from Cape May ain't some surfing stud. Plus, I just don't get why he was notable on this website ......Man, Poverty is where the action is, sans any macking NE swells, which we never get anymore. And that ain't no longboard spot.......

    But Kdiddy, I dig Cape May..........I have gotten tons of good waves there, albeit, a long time ago. Jesus Kdiddy, 15 years ago I had a certain jetty all to myself on a historic Noreaster, and who harshed my buzz mellow, none other than Matt Keenan, that's who......Him and his buds paddled out and just ruined the vibe.....But Kdiddy, I love Cape May.

    Hey Kdiddy have you ever been to Avalon? 10 St. - the inlet - it used to do it on NE's ....I don't know if beach replenishment has killed it or not. I got some good juice there back in the winter of 2007-2008 on the rare NE's we got........Wedging around the jetty, and then peeling off for a good 30-50 yards.......Yeah, good stuff..............