Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist

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Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist

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Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist  Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist  Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist

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Description by yourdirtymomma


Hamboard.....6'6 skateboard helps me "train" while I wait on surf.

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  1. #1 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    Yo man, I have been banned from here FOR NO GOOD REASON........but I come back from time to time to check in......You are OK dude....Good deal.........This friggin place needs cool people.

    You're not supposed to wax poetic about non-surfing topics.......BUT It's those topics that get the fire going on here........

    Carry on
  2. #2 yourdirtymomma
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    Well thanks SJB! Funny you should say something to me......I got accused of being you when I first showed up on the scene. Some \\\"stud\\\" dude thought I was you reincarnate.

    Anywho, I felt the long board nature of this picture was akin to surfing.....look there's even a foam wave trying to barrel me!

    Thanks for the props and somehow, all of a sudden, I hope they let you back. You sound like trouble, um I mean fun
  3. #3 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    Yo, I just saw this. Thanks for responding. I am not much of an internet message board dude.......contrary to popular belief. But, heck yes, I am ADDCITED to this site. I don't know why......I really don't know why........So, I keep checking in and I can post on pictures.....

    That Leethestud dude has some conspiracy theory going about anyone who is interesting - they must all be the same person. Yeah when I first came on here I was accused of being a multitude of people....or compared to them. Some of these dudes are kind of simple.

    I won't be back until I get on a new computer or change my IP address.......I'm not real techy so I don't know if I want to mess with my IP addess.....

    I twasn't no trouble on here. Mr Swellinfo Guy just doesn't like me......I never threatened to kill anybody......only insulted people who struck me first and I did it in a nice sarcastic fashion. I was a perfect gentleman. Plus, Mr. Swellinfo Guy didn't like that I pointed out that all he does is take NOAA forecasts and twist them inot his graphs and stuff. Hogwash........ He profits from getting inland dudes excited about five days in the future...false hopes..........

    I love you,

  4. #4 yourdirtymomma
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    SJB.....you are a riot!

    Now you should know better than to piss off the forecaster. I mean really, all the guy ever gets is blamed for being wrong. And the inland dudes should know better. I live on the beach and I know better than to believe the 5 day hype......But let me tell you, this guy and his charts are pretty \"right on\" in a 36 to 48 hour window.

    Anywho, most IP's are always changing unless you pay extra for a static IP. You should try cleaning your computer of it's cookies, delete all browsing history, and get a back up email address (yahoo & gmail will allow multi email address for the same account). Then try to restart a new account...And this time be NICE! Don't poke the admin

    I truly hope to \"see\" you around.

  5. #5 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    Why, thanks so much.

    Maybe Mr. Swellinfo's predictions are more spot-on in your neck of the woods, but around Jersey, even the current conditions are consistently off. Anywho, I used to watch the Weather Channel religiously so my skills are tight. Of course this was back when The Weather Channel focused on the weather not shows about lifegaurds and NYC iron workers. Jeez, is everything in society going to hell? My God TWC let Bill Keneely go. The Irish punk to Jim Cantore's Italian Stallion. I was devestated.

    Oh, about swell predicting - I have a new strategy. When there is a swell I just go surf. I'm done trying to pinpoint tides, swell direction, winds, and all of that jazz. Trying to create some vision of what the next day is going to be like. I only surf one spot these days so, whatever it is.......that's what it is.

    New Jersey and Super Fish don't let me drive anymore. Oh, Super Fish isn't a cop. After my first long-term banning he started talking smack about me. So of course, I told him I was going to \"get him\"( I only kid with people on here, mind you. I'm completely mellow these days. Plus, if I was after someone, I'd never tell them or make threats. I just love playing with these dudes.) So, after I told him that........he, all of a sudden became an officer of the law. HA !! Gosh dang nam it, I miss this place. I love these guys. Damn you Mr. Swellinfo.........damn you.

    As even Mr. Swellinfo said himself(in so many words): The surfing lifestyle was created by characters, societal fringe dwellers and outlaws, and here he is banning people from surfing websites.......for \"hijacking threads.\" I forgot to ask him if that means I'm on some terrorist list.

    Well, nice \"talking\" to you. You dig ok, Ponyboy. Tell Erock, I love him.

    May waves approach you in a friendly manner,


    SouthjettyBill( That's the southern most jetty of a town In New Jersey - hence the term \"South Jetty\"...**** actually it's the only remaining jetty in the town......I love that jetty....sort of.......
  6. #6 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    Oh.......when I first wrote to you I didn't even realize you were a Vaginal-American. I just saw a few posts of yours on the message boards and thought, \"Ok this dude is ok.\" Then I went to your pictures and, yeah, I saw a female sitting on a skateboard, but didn't know whether you were a Penile-American or a Breasts-American.

    My point is: Watch out for the guys on here. If you notice, most people don't get into the whole \"Friend\" thing here. Except when a female shows up. So, watch out for these guys.......for their intentions may be bad. Sex perverts, the lot of them. For example, I gave some praise to that H20 dude's artwork, which he asked for opinions. I didn't get any message back, but you sure did. Why? Because H20 is a sex pervert hoping to hook up, especially since you are both Floridians. As I said, be careful with these guys.......THEY ARE JUST WILD AND CRAZY GUYS !!!!

    Yo, I guess I could check the internet but.....nahhhh, how is the surf down there the past couple of days? I had a banner session yesterday(Wed. June 13). The swell was up and the winds were North, which in my location is like, diagonal offshore. So take that North Jersey bastards!!! North Jersey gets their digs over South Jersey when the winds are SW, but we rule supreme when it's North or even North East..........OMG, Dirty, you'd just hate North Jersey people......they're just so horrible!!

    Dirty Mother, your love and support has gotten me through this bad time caused by Mr. Swellinfo Guy. He has made me have self-esteem issues. I mean, GAWD, I'm not even worthy of being on SWELLINFO's message boards? Now that hurts.. It hurts real bad, Dirty Mother.

    May waves approach you in a friendly manner,

  7. #7 yourdirtymomma
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    SJB.....you crack me up.

    I appreciate your concern and advice. I am a \"big girl\" <---meant to be funny NOT sarcastic. I'm 35 years old and know a thing or two about men and their intentions. Besides, I live with my partner and he's the only man I see on the sexuality front. Everyone else is in the \"brotherhood\" category to me. It's become my understanding that a huge part of the surfing \"community\" is immature, selfish, rude sex mongers...but then again society at large seems to be that way too. Don't worry about me SBJ.....I am here with my eye wide open.

    Yeah, from what I read on the forums from NJ surfers, I think you are right......I would dislike NJ surfing.....or at least I'd dislike surfing with a-holes.

    And, SJB, don't let other people dictate how you feel about yourself. You have to value yourself first....here's something worth watching......copy and paste the address.....watch with an open heart.


    Much Love,
    Dirty Mother
  8. #8 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    Well Dirty Mother, just be careful of these guys. They are so crazy and wild with the posts and all.......HA HA

    Ahhh NJ surfers aren't all bad. A lot of internet heroes around. But no one has taken my offer to meet in Atlantic City or Camden so........I don't want to pug or have a duel either. Just wanted to see if anyone would show up. These kids are afraid of Camden, NJ. Actually, today's surfer is more approachable than ever. It's not the clicky, angry local crews that once dominated our dirty camoflauge/green ocean(on good days) . Nowadays EVERYONE surfs. It's not a lifestyle anymore. It's just another hobby.

    Dirty Mother, I play games on here .......psych warfare on the minimalist of levels(there's only, like, twenty wise people on here!)......no one has bothered me on here. Thanks for the advice, Dirty. But I'm gold Ponyboy...I'm gold. Well, Ihatelongboarders is a huge dork........But I have acted upset.........insane........in different situations. I've accused some of my distractors of sending me Private Messages threatening to molest me. So, if you have seen anything in the past about me saying that these guys got me blue - I was just playing around. I don't have a psyciatrist just for Swellinfo guys !!

    Oh and that's not me trying to be macho. I mean I cried reading A Dog's Purpose the other week for God's sakes.

    Oh shoot I just looked at my last message. Oh Lordy !!!! I don't give a %$%#$ about Mr. Swellinfo Guy.........yeah this is the only surfing message board I have interest in, but I'm not having an identity crises over my banning. I knew I wouldn't last long on here. Dirty Mother, I kid around constantly and I am the most sarcastic bastard you have ever run into. I have a very serious side but on surfing websites my wacky, constant joking persona is in full-effect. Awwww, you thought I was sad over this place and some of these guys. Hey dude, thanks. Nahh I'm just fine. I am insane, in a good way, but that has nothing to with any computer.

    May waves approach you in a friendly manner,


    Oh some dude's trying to use the initials \"SJB\" these days. That can't happen. Some Slop John B dude or something like that. He needs to be punished for that breech of decency. Water board him..........Someone...........
  9. #9 yourdirtymomma
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    SJB.....you're a kick in the vagina. Not sure what that means, just felt like the right thing to say.

    Glad to hear that you are all secure on the inside.....too many people in self made pain now-a-days (and always throughout all of time).

    I've been kind of MIA from the forums recently.....lots of work to do (I work 4 days a week for THE MAN and the other 3 days trying to get my house ready to rent out).....and a little tired of a-holes....too many in daily life to feel like finding them online too.

    But no worries.....whenever you comment here, I get an email....therefore I come to check it. ANd just so you know, I've talked with you here more than anyone else.....maybe even more than all combined.
  10. #10 yourdirtymomma
    Re: Black & Blue Crush: My 1st year as a wipe-out artist
    oops....hit send premature.....ha,ha,ha premature.

    Anywho, have a kick ass day SJB. I love you. Dirty Mother
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