281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n

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281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n

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My first custom made board......by Erie Peoples  281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n  222268 10150178716969652 676984651 6991609 2317698 n

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My left foot getting barreled. It's the closest I come to it so far

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  1. #1 SouthjettyBill
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    I'm not a big fan of the Go Pro thing.........but I can dig the still photos opposed to the videos......This is a good photo. A nice glassy, 2-3' day.....shimmering glass............ Ahhh another two feet to that wave and the next shot you would have been bubbed, dude.......But anyways, that's a pretty good photo.

    Hey where's your surf area at? Don't worry I am not stalking you and I am very happy for you and your partner. Why do I keep feeling St. Augustine........did you mention that before and I'm just remembering it? Or am I crazy pshycic. I am pretty good with grammar(when I want to.....I post messages like I would speak to someone)....I'm not proofreading stuff and trying to be proper, but I have to admit, I have some block when it comes to spelling........Physcic.....Phsyciatrist....and the lot......Why is that? I don't know........Anyways why am I feeling A Street......The Blowhole..........?
  2. #2 yourdirtymomma
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    That is Marine Land my friend.....hardly no one goes there....lots of BIG fish in the water.....just south of a shark breeding ground.....but I love it! \"Surf like there are no sharks!\"

    You can stalk me SJB! I surf blowhole and A st often.....and another place I like to call \"The Path Of Doom!\" Every time I go there something sticks me in my feet....even if I'm wearing shoes!

    Spelling.....my arch nemesis! I am VERY dislexic, deslexsic, dyslexic......why'd they name a condition where it's hard to spell, something that is hard to spell. It should be called BOB or POP.
  3. #3 SouthjettyBill
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    Wow, see I think I'm kind of pyschic. I felt St. Augustine.....Hmmmm maybe I have a future as a carnival worker-dude. I need to get a job, dude. Until someone publishes my book.....then someone actually buys them. But I can't hack a normal job right now. I don't like being around people too much. God, I wish drug dealing wasn't illegal !! Or being a pimp.......or bookmaking........or loan sharking.........or robbery............or shoplifting......or home invasions...........carjacking..........kidnapping for ransom......ahhhhhhhhhh.

    Good point on the complicated spelling of that reading disorder(Hells no, I'm not attempting to spell it). I have problems with all the Pysch....psycho.....and those words........Maybe we should go back to elementary school. I would love to go to Angel Beach High. Who was your favorite character in Porky's? My God, I will just flip if that movie comes on basic cable in the next few days. One of thos late evenings where you don't plan on watching anything and then BOOM at midnight Porky's comes on. AND YOU'RE ALL, \"OH HELL YEAH.\" You settle in for some classic American hijinx, while the rest of the world(in your time zone) doozes off to sleep. Ahh, the late nights are peaceful that way, no? All the madness of the day has been erased by time and darkness.....It's nice being awake when all the morons are sleeping, no?
  4. #4 yourdirtymomma
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    I don't know how to tell you this SJB.....I don't remember anything about Porky's.....pretty sure I was too young for my mom to allow me to view it. Soooooo, sorry

    But I feel you on the peace of an evening....But for me it's more like the movie \"idiocracy\" to keep me up with the joy of watching. Have you seen it? You must see it! Watch it while super high.....actually get super high while watching \"super high me\" then watch \"idiocracy\"....off for my run. all my love
  5. #5 SouthjettyBill
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    Hey you're only five years younger than I am.......you live in Florida.......You have to watch Porky's. They just don't make movies like that anymore. It's like the precursor for friggin those American Pie flicks except, the American Pie dudes are total modern day dorks.

    The Porky's dudes are cool man. You got Miss Buela Ballbricker a highschool gym coach you don't want to tangle with. You have Meat, who has a big *****. You have the rough kid, the son of a good ol' boy criminal, who adopts his old man's racism until the jewish kid whoops him. You have horny coaches. You have a group of little white guys who are, like , the basketball heroes of Florida. You have a good natured good ol' boy who keeps getting beat up by Porky trying to get some prostitute action at......PORKY'S( a strip club/whore house deep in the everglades...... Porky is a big ol meany redneck, and his brother is the sherriff around those there parts. You have Pee Wee the hopeless virgin and the two average normal dudes who, like, plan all the hijinx.

    Aww man it's the greatest thing ever.......ok I haven't seen it in years. I hope it's not one of those things that you dug years back but then once you see it again......you're all, \"Hooo Hummm\" BUT NO IT CAN'T BE. Porky's man......one of the average, smart guys puts his ***** in a hole in the girls showers and Miss Buela Ballbricker comes in and grabs it........And then wants to have a line up of certain male students so she can identify the TALLYWACKER.......This movie is probably the greatest thing ever to come out of Florida besides oranges and cocaine.

    I have not seen Idiocracy but I have meant to.......And golly jeepers I wish I could get super high. I really wish I could get super high
  6. #6 yourdirtymomma
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    So is it okay to hydrate with a rum and coke after running? I know what a doctor would say, that's why I'm asking you instead.

    Well if I was 5 years old, my mom wouldn't have stop me from watching it....she made me turn off \"lawn mower man\" after she heard the eff word twice.....and there where like 15 kids from the basketball team at my house watching it. \"Gawd Mom!\" To be fair, it was a private Christian school and I was a bible thumper.

    Anywho.....where's my rum and coke!
  7. #7 SouthjettyBill
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    I never liked rum. One day after school back in 8th grade I cam home and my dad had rum instead of his usually Jack Daniels.....I wasn't happy. We had no soda in but Sunkist orange soda....OH MY GOD remember Cheyene Horan and the Sunkist commercials back in the 80's WOOOOOOOO. So I mix rum with orange soda........drink.......rode my bike to a CVS to buy smokes, $1.25 back then and they sold them to anybody(AHHH THE GOOD OLD DAYS) . And I vomited right in front of the store....good times....good times

    I don't like rum.....

    Vodka.....the really cheap kind.......

    Hey way to stir things up on this site. Kudos. Tell IHATELONGBOARDERS that if he tries real hard, maybe, just maybe, he can be interesting some day. He's so jealous of anyone that causes intererst or has anything relevant to say. Urghhh North Jersy douches!!

    Oh yeah I saw your Facebook site thing....sure I'll join. I don't know the MSW moderator, Ed, but OH BOY do I know Roberdy. I'm just about to start hassling Roberdy on Linked IN........That British twat........
  8. #8 yourdirtymomma
    Re: 281867 10150264292534652 5957236 n
    I feel that way about tequila....\"won\" a drinking contest when I was 17.....almost died. I will NEVER do that again! To this day the small of it make me vomit.

    I saw ihatelongboarder thread about me.....didn't feel the need to justify it was a response. If I did it'd be something like \"Shhh! The adult are talking.\" LOL

    How do I find you on FB?